I set up this page because some friends of mine are frequently calling upon me to track down information on the web for them. They think I have some gift for it, but really all I have is knowledge of what tools are available. So I set up this page for them and anyone else to use. Knock yourself out!

Tina W.

My favorite search engine, one of the most powerful and comprehensive available. Tip: to find a specific phrase, put a + sign next to it and enclose the phrase in quotation marks.
Another good search engine. It sometimes finds things that AltaVista doesn't.
This search engine is set up differently than some others (I don't know the tech stuff) and so sometimes gets better results. Play with it.
If you know the exact name of the place you want but not its url, this can often find it quickly.
Searches several search engines and arranges the hits by the type of site. Often quite handy.
A new find for me. Looks to be fast and powerful.
A free service that automatically checks search engines for the terms of your choice every few days and notifies you via email.
Broken down into useful categories with descriptions of its chosen sites. Very handy. Get to know it!
National white pages.
Database America People Finder
Another national white pages that also lets you do a reverse lookup (give it the number,and it gives you the name.)
White and yellow pages for the U.S. and many other countries, and a reverse search on street addresses, along with many other features. Check this out if you haven't lately.
Email address lookup.
Internet Address Finder
Another directory of email addresses.
Mediainfo links--online media directory
This site has expanded and now has other media (not just newspapers) from localities around the world.
The Boston Globe
Good stuff here, including the regional AP wire and searchable archives of past Globe stories.
The Providence Journal-Bulletin
I recommend the Local News section here. You can read the contents of the regional sections from all over the state.
Datalounge Daily LGBT News
Mostly culled from mainstream sources, the best feature is its searchable archives (especially since OutNow hasn't published for a while.)
The Queer Resources Directory
Although it's not kept up to date these days, it's still the most comprehensive collection of lgbt info. Get to know it.
The Radical Religious Right Pages at the QRD
Greg does a fantastic job with these. Nuff said.
A Friendlier DejaNews Frontend
Find out what people are saying on the many topics covered in Usenet newsgroups.
The Stalker's Home Page
He's not really a stalker, but he keeps track of what personal information is available online. Interesting.
Find out who gave money to your favorite and least favorite federal candidates.
The Other Queer Page
The beginnings of a comprehensive index of queer sites--quite good.
Useful and/or Interesting Stuff
A hodgepodge of links that I put together about stuff that may or may not interest you.

That's all I can think of for now. Let me know if you have any requests for resources that you think are on the web. Enjoy!

Tina M. Wood

Warwick, RI 02888