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Really this page is just a placeholder since I decided to use Tripod to post the RI Safe Schools Report. Maybe I'll put other stuff here at some point. In the meantime, check out the links below for interesting things.

RI Task Force on GLBT Youth Report, March 1996
I did not write or compile this--I merely typed it and htmlized it--but I endorse its contents.
Creating Safe Schools for Lesbian and Gay Students--A resource guide for school staff
RI Board of Regents Policy Statement on Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation
I had nothing to do with this either but am delighted at this positive policy change. Copy this and see if you can get it adopted where you live.
I run an email list for lesbian/gay/bi/trans/AIDS news and announcements from Rhode Island. Email me if you want to subscribe.
The pflag-talk/tgs-pflag website
A great unofficial PFLAG site
Bill's Story
Please read this.
PERSON Project--Public Education Regarding Sexual Orientation Nationally
An excellent resource for education equity
GLSEN--The Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network
Another great resource to help make the schools safer for lgbt people
Trans Youth Links
A few links specifically for and about transgendered youth
The RI Alliance for Lesbian and Gay Civil Rights
I'm a board member. Please get involved!
Tina M. Wood's real homepage
With my yearly New Year's Letter and links to my other pages
Ex.Ex--The Ex-Ex-Gay Page
A great page for finding out the truth about the "ex-gay" movement.
Depression and Mental Health Links
A page I put together to help people learn more about a most misunderstood illness.
Links to free donation sites
Click here to make free donations to charity, paid for by advertisers.
Aunt Tina's Search Page
I put this together to help some friends of mine find stuff on the web.

I finally did get my act together and put some pictures online. Here are the links:

Kate and Tina

Tina and Spot

Spot attacking my freedom rings

Spot and Cookie Monster

Various other Spot pictures

New!Fall Foliage Pictures, a few from my neighborhood, most from Lincoln Woods State Park.

As Sage used to say, "okay, that's it"

Tina M. Wood

Warwick, RI

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