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Pictures from Mom and John's visit!

Below are some pictures from Mom and John's visit to Rhode Island in May 2001. Being a lazy webmaster, I'm keeping the frills to a mimimum as usual, but hopefully you'll still enjoy them.

Tina's Office

The Statehouse
It's pretty impressive even with the random construction. This is where I spend too much time. I took Mom there to meet my legislator friends (didn't introduce her to my enemies, though.)
The Unofficial Statehouse Welcomer
Yes, that is a Mr. Potato Head all decked out. He was part of a tourism campaign last year, and we saw some of his relatives around the state. Is he an emblem of state government? You decide.

Seeing the Sights

The Cliff Walk
Of course visitors to RI must see Newport (although John missed it due to his short visit.) This walking path overlooks the ocean there.
A mansion
Newport is famous for its mansions, but we mostly just drove by them. I'm not sure which one this is (shows what I know!), but here it is anyway.
The Old Courthouse?
Okay, so my memory and sense of history is pretty terrible. Another Newport site...I think it's the old Courthouse, but I could be wrong. Ask Kate--she knows this stuff!
Newport store
One of Mom's friends recommended this store to her, so we took the picture to prove we'd been there! :)
St. Mary's Church (1)
The church where John and Jackie Kennedy were married, in Newport.
St. Mary's Church (2)
Just a different view of the same church
Nice house
Newport has a lot of very nice buildings.
Newport street view
Just a view from the street with different features.
A Newport wharf
The last Newport shot--I know you're tired of them by now! :)
Meanwhile, back in Warwick
This is the park where I like to walk in the mornings, Salter Grove. The swans are almost always there. It's much prettier on sunny days.
Salter Grove again
Another view of the park. Like I said, it looks better in the sunshine (or at sunrise.)
Salter Grove breakwall
In the distance you can see the breakwall that I like to walk on. It's accessible from the shore except during high tide.


Tina & Kate (1)
Here we are posing by the shoreline at an unnamed park near our house
Tina & Kate (2)
Another shot at the same place. Hey, I did smile in both!
Tina & Kate at home
Posing at the house so everyone back home can see us. Don't we look proud? (How can you tell from that far away?)
Tina & John
John and I posing at the side of the house.
Tina, Kate, Mom & John
This is my favorite picture of the bunch!
Lois, Kate, Tina & John
Kate's mom with us kids, another good one.
Lois & Carol
Kate's mom and Aunt Carol relaxing at Kate's cousin's house. The families got along very well, as expected.
Carol, Glenn & Kate
Kate relaxing with Aunt Carol and cousin-in-law Glenn. Mom took this picture when they weren't looking!
Tina & pets
The cat is, of course, Spot. The stuffed dog is Murphy Brown Dog. They usually get along.
Saving the best for last, some might say. He really turned on the charm for Mom and won a new admirer!