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Nathan's Coats of Arms

Nathan's Coats of Arms

Your cousin Tina, of genealogy hobby fame, has found coats of arms for various of your family names. Some names even have more than one, so I've included all I could find. I've also incorporated informational links so that you can see online family trees and some other info for some of the names. Have fun, and let me know if you have any questions.

Your Cousin, Tina W.

Family names with links to coats of arms:

More info on Reider coat of arms

Wood (1)
Wood (2)
Some of your Wood relatives!

Clark (1)
Clark (2)
More info and other Clark coats of arms

Conley (Connelly)
Link to our Connelly family connection
More info on Connelly

Early Stewart family history

Our Holmes connection

Owsley (Ousley)
Read about the Owsley family here.
Trace our Ousley line all the way back to royalty starting here.

Link to Rice family connection

Article about our Gibbs ancestry (scroll down about halfway.)

For more information on heraldry, check out:

Ruthann's Heraldry Links Page